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Surreal Sound Studios Recording

Digital and Analog Recording

Rock * Folk * Indie * Pop * Blues * Jazz * Classical * Gospel * R&B

At Surreal Sound Studios, we provide a quality recording experience for a fair price and in a friendly environment. No project is too large or too small. From professional broadcasting clients to a garage band’s first demo reel, from bigger ensembles to an acoustic soloist, Surreal will help you get the best results for your time and budget.

Run by musicians and for musicians, Surreal’s engineers, producers, and session musicians will concentrate on every project as if it were our very own, without the "assembly line" attitude found in many larger studios. Stop by for a tour today and see the difference.


Alexander Yaker began his musical career in Birmingham, AL after attending Loyola University and graduating from University of Alabama at Birmingham with a Bachelor of Arts Degree with concentration in Music Theory and Music Technology. After graduating, Alexander worked as a sound designer/editor and producer for an advertisement agency, doing TV and Radio commercials for General Motors Company. During this time, he was a part of several successful bands where he wrote and produced original music. In 2000, he toured Europe with the John P. Strohm Band (ex- Lemonheads, Blake Babies) as a keyboard player. Alexander also worked as a session keyboard player for many recording artists/labels as well as a number of TV commercials.

After relocating to Philadelphia area in 2003, Alexander continued playing and recording music, and began doing on-location sound for Discovery Channel, TLC, HGTV and FOX Networks.

Since joining Surreal Sound Studios as the studio recording engineer and producer, Alexander has worked with a wide variety of bands, ranging in genres such as Rock, singer-songwriter, Metal and Hip-Hop, as well as corporate voice-over clients.

Maiken Scott has worked in broadcast journalism for many years and is a producer for WHYY 91fm in Philadelphia. She has edited and produced such shows as “You Bet Your Garden”, “Fresh Air”, “ A Chef’s Table” and “Voices in the Family” in addition to many other freelance pieces for National Public Radio.

Joseph Lekkas has been a musician for over 15 years. Joseph studied classical performance and composition in college and has played in rock and indie bands for many years. Joseph has helped with the production and arrangement of many projects over the years and can provide much needed “outside ears” for your sessions.


Analog Recorders:

  • Ampex 1/4" ATR 700 2 track
  • Tascam 1" MS-16 16 Track

Digital Recording Software (All PC based - Mac Compatible):

  • Pro Tools 6.4
  • Steinberg Cubase SX 2.2
  • Steinberg Nuendo 2.2
  • Steinberg Wavelab
  • Emagic Logic Audio 5.1
  • Sony Soundforge 7.0
  • Propellerhead Reason 2.5
  • Propellerhead Recycle 2.1
  • Fruity Loops


  • 2 Shure SM7B
  • 1 EV RE20
  • 1 B.L.U.E. Dragonfly
  • 1 B.L.U.E. Baby Bottle
  • 1 Shure Beta 57
  • 1 Shure Beta 58
  • 4 Shure SM58
  • 4 Shure SM57
  • 1 AKG D112
  • 1 Beyer Dynamic
  • 2 AT 600D


  • Manley Mic Pre Class A
  • Joe Meek VC1 Channel Strip w/ EQ and Compression
  • 2 Rolls RP220 Dual Channel Tube Pre

Outboard Effects:

  • Empirical Labs Distressor Compressor
  • 2 RNC Compressors
  • Alesis Microverb III


  • 1 4 piece Slingerland Kit '66
  • 1 4 piece Slingerland Kit Late 90's
  • 1 4 piece Gretsch Kit Late 50's
  • Various Zildjian and Sabian cymbals
  • Completely refurbished 1956 Hammond M3 Organ
  • Farfisa Professional Duo
  • 1972 Rhodes Mark I Piano
  • Kustom 89 Electric Piano
  • Roland Juno 6
  • Roland Juno 60
  • Moog Micromoog
  • Marshall 4x12 cab
  • Ampeg 4x10 Half cab
  • Avatar 2x12 cab w/ open back
  • Marshall JCM 800 50 watt
  • Fender Bassman 50 watt
  • Fender Blues DeVille 4x10 combo
  • Peavey Delta Blues 4x10 combo